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Simply sweep aside older pieces in favour of the latest Pandora release

Le 17 avril 2014, 09:43 dans Humeurs 0

My latest installment of the “What I’m Wearing” series finds me longing for spring following mild weather in Denmark. This jewellery blog article channels some boho-chic vibes with cheap Pandora Clips.

I’ll admit to being utterly thrilled regarding the recent popularity of my new What I’m Wearing series. It’s designed to step away from the reviews and give you an honest insight as to what I’ve been wearing in regards to my jewellery. This can so often be governed by season or current trends not to mention an urge to not simply sweep aside older pieces in favour of the latest Pandora release.

While horrific winter storms have been plaguing the uk and the US, Pandora has been blessed with a couple of weeks of the most beautiful weather. We’ve had temperatures of upto 10 degrees coupled with cheap Pandora Spacers blue skies and glorious afternoon sunshine. I’ve been incredibly naughty recently, shunning late afternoon work in favour of going riding. Ironically at the time of writing I’ve woken to torrential rain and fog. Upon complaining I had to remind myself that it is February!

New brands have also arrived here at Endangered Trolls and I’m incredibly enthusiastic for both. Last week I teamed together my new love of Waxing Poetic and Bali Clicks into a quite bohemian feeling ensemble. This would be perfect with denim shorts and floaty shirts for lazy summer days. Admittedly it’s not quite that warm here but I’m yearning for Pandora Special Occasions Charms now.

I’m primarily wearing my Waxing Poetic charms on a necklace both due to the practicality this offers and the fact I only have a leather bracelet from the brand at present. In acknowledge of what was Valentine’s weekend, I whipped up a whimsical and romantic feeling combination. Pandora is all about layering long necklaces. I added their beaded necklace with beautiful copper tones to complement the charms and a simple Pandora charm.

Included in this release is the exquisite new limited edition Pandora charms

Le 17 avril 2014, 09:42 dans Humeurs 0

Where last spring delivered us with a number of cherry blossom inspired designs, 2014 sees these replaced with daisies. The Pandora Darling Daisies design consists of earrings, rings, and a new clip, each boasts soft white cheap Pandora Earrings.

The Pandora Mother’s Day 2014 has a global release of April the 14th. The uk market are set to receive this collection on the 27th of February however, ahead of their earlier celebration of Mother’s Day. Included in this release is the exquisite new limited edition Pandora Vintage Heart.

Both of the new releases will be available via John Greed Jewellery in the uk, my recommended retailer for all things Pandora. Obviously this offers UK collectors the earliest opportunity to acquire the Mother’s Day collection but unfortunately they’re unable to ship the charms outside of their market. The cheap Pandora Rings collection consisted of three single links. This Pandora blog article brings a dedicated review of the Pandora Love Bubble.

The Pandora Valentine’s Day 2014 release was quite small with just three new single links. While my absolute favourite was the Love Bugs, Love Bubble is a close second. The Love Bubble link reminds me of an emoticon (or smiley) used so often on social media or in text messages. It’s a simple and contemporary link, albeit relatively small and easy to overlook. I opted to combine it with other geek chic designs including Gamer, Order in Chaos (reminiscent of pixels) and cheap Pandora Beads. There was much discussion last weekend about combining Pandora with the original Pandora concept and I published an article showcasing Beth’s take on the idea. I decided to try this myself and mixed this X bracelet with the Pandora beads.

I’ll admit that i far prefer the double links to the single links. I find that they get a little overwhelmed by the relatively chunk rubber X links. Perhaps this happens less with all silver and bronze bracelets, but I don’t yet have enough single metallic links for that.

That aside this is a very cute little link, particularly for those who spend a large amount of time on social media or texting.